A woman who’s had a stroke and can no longer drive, a man with poor literacy struggles to read an appointment letter from his GP, a family foregoes their son’s visit to the dentist because they’re unable to take time off work. All valid – and sometimes distressing - reasons for failing to seek medical help. All of which can be addressed with the help of a partnership community worker.

Within minutes of meeting at a Christchurch café, two graduates of CMM’s recent Woman Wise course are catching up on news and swapping stories. They touch on everything from family matters, travel, and a baby that’s on the way.

Three percent of superannuitants can live well enough that they don’t need to claim their NZ Super, according to research by the Tindall Foundation. It’s those people a new scheme is calling upon to donate their Super in order to create a more equitable Aotearoa New Zealand.

Once rent, power and groceries are paid, families often have little left over. As a result they may turn to loan companies or make other poor or difficult financial decisions. This is where the Christchurch Methodist Mission budgeting team of Linda Smith and Mali Toma steps in. “While a lot of people know how to handle money, they may not have enough and so just trying to manage week by week is hard,” Linda says.