As most of us look forward to a Christmas meal with family and friends, some families are wondering how they will be able to afford Christmas for themselves and their loved ones.

The patchwork of streets that make up our cities and towns hide a tragic dichotomy between those with and those without. This disparity often occurs within the same street. Driving past the houses that line either side, it is easy to think that all the people inhabiting those homes are anticipating the abundance of Christmas.

Unfortunately not all families in our community are looking ahead to December 25th. For some, a year of stretched budgets cannot stretch any further to purchase the 'extras' of Christmas. Others are homeless, going from friend to friend each night; or staying in a motel, all the while not knowing where they will be in a weeks' time.

It would be all too easy to look at the need that exists around us and give up hope on ever being able to meet it. Then again, being bold and taking a stand is rarely the easy option.

This Christmas, staff, volunteers and donors of the Methodist Mission will be doing what they can to provide hope throughout our community. They will be bold. They will serve. They will give.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, our social work team will ensure their clients' basic needs of food, shelter and warmth are met. Housing staff will work tirelessly to find a home for those in need of one. Our Community Response team, made up of social workers, group facilitators and a teacher, will work in schools and communities in Christchurch and Selwyn in response to children's mental health needs and issues impacting families. Volunteers and donors will generously sacrifice their time and money so others are not alone, hungry or without hope. A patchwork of people coming together with their unique offerings of skill, time and finance to help others in need.

I hope that you and your loved ones experience a Christmas that is filled with love, laughter and celebration. But, can I also ask that you help us give hope to those without it? Please consider how you can help the Christchurch Methodist Mission support our most vulnerable this Christmas. Donate today

Ngā mihi nui,

Jill Hawkey
Executive Director

Jill Christmas2017