The Community Response Team currently works in over 15 primary and intermediate schools in Christchurch and Selwyn, providing support to children and their whanau. This support can include, but is not limited to overcoming anxiety, emotion management and social skills support for children and providing brief interventions through to home-based social work support for parents and families. The team was established after the Canterbury Earthquakes as schools identified the need to improve the mental and emotional well-being of children after the disaster. CMM and other agencies have since provided the response to the needs present in school and community settings.

Every year the team supports hundreds of children through:
- One to one emotional support responding to issues including anxiety, loneliness and difficult home environments.
- One to one mentoring and leadership development. This support enables children to discuss thoughts, feelings and issues in a safe environment and allows them to develop skills and dispositions to support them in their life.
- Group programmes and activities for children to improve self-confidence, learn how to identify & manage their emotions positively and develop positive relationships with peers. These group programmes include Wise-Up and Aces.

Working closely with the schools enables the team to identify parents who are in need of support including:
- Social work support, whether this is a brief intervention delivered in a timely manner or a complex, home-based intervention that is time intensive.
- Emergency assistance e.g. food, warm bedding and clothing, school uniforms and school camp fees.
- Parenting programmes to equip and empower parents to create positive home environments for their families.

CMM offers schools the opportunity to have one worker for one day per week. For more information about getting a CMM worker in your school please read the attached brochure or contact Anne Gibling below. 

Our work in schools and with families would not be possible without the support of the Rata Foundation, Christchurch City Council, The Tindall Foundation, NZ Lotteries, Jones Foundation, Maurice Carter Charitable Trust, Methodist Church of New Zealand, the schools themselves and our donors.  


Anne Gibling
Team Leader, Community Response Team
027 820 4617