For over 80 years, the Christchurch Methodist Mission (CMM) has been making a positive difference in our city and in people's lives.

Through innovative and responsive child and family services, social housing, group programmes and services for older people CMM reaches a broad base of diverse residents facing multiple challenges.  

We have over 2000 clients using our community services each year, provide over 30,000 bed nights annually for older people and as registered community housing provider offer warm, secure and affordable accommodation to people and families who need it. Every day, more than 200 people are receiving one of our services.

CMM is one of the largest social service agencies in Christchurch.   

We provide a range of different services and programmes which support people at every age – “from the cradle to the grave”.  

Our services not only respond to urgent needs but also encourage people to up-skill, gain confidence and participate positively in their own futures.  

Our Vision

A socially just and inclusive society in which all people flourish.

Our Mission

To promote and enhance the dignity of all people through:

  • Providing compassionate care, support and empowerment of those most vulnerable in our community
  • Building communities, neighbourhoods and a wider society that are fair and inclusive
  • Challenging injustice and promoting hope

Our Values

  • Respect for people – and every person's unique value
  • Social justice – inequality, unfairness and exclusion will be challenged
  • Integrity – actions speak louder than words
  • Partnership – strength is found in cooperation
  • Empowerment – every person deserves the chance for choice and change
  • Sustainability – we are here for the long haul

 The legal name of CMM is the Christchurch Methodist Central Mission.